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Job Seeker Guides

Below are a range of tools which demonstrate how we always aim to give that bit extra to our candidates, regardless of whether or not we earn a fee.

These tips and guides have been developed drawing on years of success coaching and developing candidates, helping them succeed in their permanent and interim Executive Appointments, IT and Business Change careers with blue-chip multinationals and owner-managed businesses. So digest and enjoy and please let us know if these have helped propel your career.

CV writing tips

CVs are tools used to introduce you to potential employers. A CV is a document which demonstrates your qualifications, employment history and achievements. These days employers often receive a lot of CVs for each advertised position – jobs advertised can often attract hundreds of applicants. Read more…

Preparing for your interview

This is the groundwork you need to do prior to the interview. You should have been fully briefed on the role and the organisation, but you should be able to demonstrate that you have done your own research. All of this will also help you to formulate some probing questions to ask the interviewer. In-depth preparation will dramatically improve your chances of success. Read more…

Where to look for your next career

In this modern world, advances in technology have meant that searching for your next role has become much easier. No longer do you have to rely on the local or national paper on a certain day in the week for the latest vacancies. Read more…