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Consultancy Services

Kyna Associates offers a range of Consultancy Services to Business Owners, Executive Teams and HR Professionals to ensure you can achieve your business objectives in line with the employment market.

Business Structures and Recruitment Objectives


Many companies struggle to appoint the individuals needed by their planned business structures or achieve their business objectives due to a lack of knowledge of available skills in the market.


One can simply not build something if the materials are not available!


With expert guidance on availability of skills, analysis of securing skills and cost and terms of skills engagement (permanent, contract, consultancy, outsource), we can guide you so you’re able to achieve your business objectives and don’t waste valuable time and money searching for skills that are difficult to source, extremely expensive or simply aren’t available.


With this information you are then in a position to evaluate off the shelf products, redesign services, change technology course or redefine pricing structures and investment to ensure you get your service and products to market.

Company Culture, Rules and Benefit Design and Analysis for Individual Skills

Many businesses will have a blanket all approach to their company culture, rules, processes and benefits which simply isn’t appropriate for the many different individuals in their business.


Whilst sales and marketing professionals engaging with external clients may wish to promote a traditional professional image by dressing in a suit or smart casual attire, the internal product development team may find such attire restrictive and counter-productive to the creative process.


Comprehensive pension, life and health insurance schemes may be attractive to more experienced employees with families or at the later stages in their career, whereby a larger bonus to help with a house deposit or cycle to work scheme could be more attractive to the younger employees in the business.


With experience working with trainees, graduates, SME’s, middle management, executive boards and HR professionals in global multinationals and starts ups and everything in between, Kyna Associates can provide you with valuable insight on what rules and benefits are most relevant to the candidates you wish to employ.

Market Surveys


We are happy to give general guidance to our clients on employment rates, skills availability, geographical and industry analysis, salaries and benefits.


We can also provide this in a comprehensive accurate detailed report on request.

Please contact Kyna Associates today to discuss how our Consultancy Services can support your business needs