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Permanent Recruitment

When it comes to recruiting a permanent team member, naturally, you want a perfect match for the long haul.

At Kyna Associates, we don’t just send you the first impressive CV we find. We take pre-filtering very seriously indeed. For each assignment we commit to, we follow a highly evolved rigorous pre-qualification process to ensure we entirely understand your company culture, the role and its relationship to your business objectives.

Partnership is one of our core values. It’s only when we have worked in close partnership with you and fully understand your vacancy, that we begin our search for your candidates.

When we find them, we take them through a series of rigorous telephone, face-to-face- or video interviews which includes both technical and competency based questioning. We can also perform a thorough background check through confidential informal reference checking if required.

You can see what clients have to say about our permanent recruitment service in our testimonials section. If you are looking for a long term strategic recruitment partner to find you the best people for the long haul, call us now.