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Recruitment Process Training


In a highly competitive market where candidate availability is the lowest it’s ever been, it it’s essential to sharpen your internal recruitment processes to ensure you don’t lose out on your star candidates to competing employers. To save your business time and money it is essential to at first test your requirement to see if you really need this skill in house, and if you do what the chances are of you finding it! If your business plan is based on sourcing impossible skills, then it’s time to re-evaluate in a rapidly changing employment market.


The simplest of matters can have a huge impact on your chances of hiring and impact your business objectives. Then even when you secure that special candidate that’s great enough to join your business, you’ll want to ensure they want to stay around!


We offer recruitment process training to business owners, hiring managers, HR professionals and internal recruitment teams.


Topics covered include (but are not limited to)

  • Requirement testing (rationale, business case, skills evaluation, market analysis, vendor consideration)
  • Opportunity definition and value / benefit analysis (value of the opportunity and benefit to employer and employee)
  • Employer branding
  • Recruitment budget review (salary, time, advertising, recruitment fees etc.)
  • Remuneration and Benefit analysis
  • Legal obligations (Equality, Discrimination, RTW, AWR, IR35 etc.)
  • Visa Considerations
  • Employment contracts and company handbook
  • Job specification design
  • Recruitment method evaluation and selection (including Retained Search, Managed Agent and Recruitment Fairs)
  • Selection process definition (application process, CV review, interviews, test)
  • Recruitment CRM review and selection
  • Advertiser review and selection
  • Creative advertising writing
  • Balancing BAU and recruitment
  • Interview training
  • Presenting offers and securing acceptances
  • Background and reference checking
  • Pre-employment and post-employment support
  • Induction
  • Employee Retention


Please contact us today to discuss how we can support and improve your recruitment processes to ensure you have the best chances of securing the talent you need to succeed.