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Where To Look for Your Next Career

by on February 26th, 2011

Where to look for your next career

In this modern world, advances in technology have meant that searching for your next role has become much easier. No longer do you have to rely on the local or national paper on a certain day in the week for the latest vacancies. We recommend that when you are looking for your next career to use the following methods:

  • The paper is still a good source! – Both national and local depending on your skillset and experience
  • Register your CV with a number of recruitment consultancies who work in your area – a good source of recruiters can be found on the REC website which governs any recruitment consultancies who sign up to them –
  • The internet job boards such as Monster, Total Jobs, and Jobsite etc. – register your CV with as many as you can that would be relevant to your skillset and experience – not all recruiters use the same job boards, therefore you want to ensure you are accessible to everyone
  • Set up job alerts on the internet job boards so that you are kept up-to-date with the latest vacancies that fit your profile
  • Utilise LinkedIn – this is a great source as a lot of companies recruit directly on there now, therefore ensure that your profile is up-to-date and has a full list of your skills so that they can be easily searched
  • Utilise your personal network; ask around if anyone knows of any opportunities. You could even contact your old boss/previous HR managers that may have moved to new organisations to see if they have any new opportunities. You can also try and make contact with any previous consultancies/suppliers/vendors you have worked with
  • Sit down and put a list of companies that you would like to work for and who would also benefit by employing you and then contact them directly
  • Attend networking events/seminars


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