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50% of workers see talent gaps as a threat to their organisation

by kyna-admin on January 30th, 2015

50% of workers see talent gaps as a threat to their organisation and 46% believe talent gaps have come from a lack of investment in training and development (according to Recruitment Grapevine)


The increasing anxiety amongst UK workers was highlighted in The Workforce View 2014/15, an annual barometer of the views and attitudes of UK workers and employers by ADP.


The researchers suggest that the shortage is due to many organisations still recovering from cutbacks made in the recession, holding them back in the race for top talent.


However, despite influencing factors centring on lack of investment and recruitment of talent, 38% of those surveyed saw competition from other organisations as a threat, up from 26% last year.


A further 29% believe the loss of talent overseas is a worry, up by 18% from the previous year, indicating that retaining talent is proving problematic.


The appeal of international markets is particularly apparent in the IT sector; with 40% saying a talent drain to other countries is a threat to their organisation.


On the other side of the coin, over half (53%) of IT professionals said an influx of overseas workers to the UK is also a threat.


Annabel Jones, HR Director at ADP UK, said: “Although the economy is strengthening and businesses are increasingly eager to develop and attract new talent, our findings show that many HR departments are being held back by a lack of investment in attracting and retaining talent.”


“With new opportunities on the rise, employees will undoubtedly start looking around for pastures new, so it’s crucial to dedicate time to motivating, engaging and rewarding them effectively, so they feel appreciated and challenged where they are.”


Source: Recruitment Training

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