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Beware Conditional Offers…

by kyna-admin on November 8th, 2011

“My client is prepared to make you an offer, but only on the condition that you cancel all of your other interviews….”

Sound familiar? Hopefully not, but if you ever hear this line then the alarm bells should start to ring.

Unfortunately in a competitive candidate driven market this line is far from uncommon. Very recently we heard of a candidate told these words by a recruiter in an attempt to prevent him from going to another interview as he had another offer for the candidate from his client

Not knowing the recruiter we don’t actually know if these were actually the words of the client making the offer or his own, but in either case two questions need to be asked. Would you want to work for a company that puts a condition on your offer of employment by prohibiting you from assessing the best opportunities available to you? Do you want to work with a recruiter that tries these tactics just to get their commission rather than acting in your best long term interests?

Clearly the answer is no on both fronts, so if you do hear this line, get it in writing so you can decide who is actually putting this pressure on you to help your make the career choice.

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