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Could post Brexit changes sabotage the UK Tech, FS and Engineering sectors?

by kyna-admin on October 25th, 2016

The UK’s Tech, Financial Service and Engineering sectors lead the way in generating revenue for the UK economy and are the envy of many countries around the world.


These sectors are all heavily reliant on the recruitment of migrant skills and the ability to sponsor non EU migrants; to deliver specialised products and services to keep pace with the demand generated by their successes.


The question is, will post Brexit immigration changes affect the success of these sectors if they can no longer recruit the skilled Executives, Infrastructure, Software and Business Change professionals they require to succeed?


With the discontinuation of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme and Tier 1 General Visa, companies are now reliant on either EU nationals or sponsorship of candidates qualifying for the Tier 2 Occupation Shortage List to support their business demands.


Following Amber Rudd’s speech on companies being required to reveal how many international employees they have, businesses are already re-evaluating their sponsorship policies with Kyna Associates already experiencing an offer withdrawal due to a visa requirement of a highly skilled software professional.


Whilst a weaker pound may make UK products more attractive to the export market, to keep and maintain the standard of quality, innovation and services it can offer, the UK needs to provide protection to the skill sets it can recruit internationally to protect the economy.


In the last 18 months in the tech sector alone, our teams have recruited and placed C# Software Developers, Front End OO JavaScript Developers and Linux Systems Administrators from US, Brazil, Poland, France and Portugal, Spain and Italy to support our client’s needs.


If the UK further reduces the number of senior executives, skilled software professionals, engineers and business change professionals allowed into the country, we could experience less revenue being generated by the country.


Ironically, Brexit could well mean we can no longer deliver the products and services that make our economy one of the richest in the world as we no longer have access to the human resources we need to do it.


Please click here to review the Tier 2 Occupation Shortage List and email the author or call on 0800 9875 860 for more information on visa requirements or to discuss sourcing skills for your business.

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