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Digital Boom to Fuel 750,000 UK jobs, but will bypass youth and candidates with older skills.

by kyna-admin on October 11th, 2013

Digital Boom to Fuel 750,000 UK jobs, but will bypass youth and candidates with older skills.


We were pleased to read the a positive article highlighting the massive growth the UK employment market is set to enjoy in the digital space. Whilst this article highlights the facts that these opportunities may bypass many of the younger generation, we would also like to draw attention to the fact that many people with transferable skills aren’t retraining or being retrained into roles such as this.


To make up for the massive short fall in candidates with the skills required for these roles; education of children and cross training candidates with the behaviours, capabilities and intelligence required is a possibility both the government and companies could explore investing in.


Read the full article below:


Up to 750,000 jobs could be created in the next five years to fuel the UK’s “burgeoning” digital economy, but Britain’s youngsters could miss out unless employers give them a chance.

That is the damning verdict of Ronan Dunne, chief executive of O2 parent company Telefonica, who claims firms will be forced to look overseas for talent unless they can harness the skills of young people.


Dunne told Sky News: “With the situation in the UK, where one million young people are out of work, we have to make sure we get the schooling elements right, the employer elements right and the readiness for work right.

“If we don’t generate those jobs using British youngsters with the right skills, businesses will have to look overseas.


O2 research claims that 20% of the 750,000 possible vacancies would be entry-level jobs, suitable for people entering the world of work for the first time. Many of the jobs would be linked to the nationwide roll-out of 4G technology.

But Dunne said employers must show a greater willingness to recruit school leavers in order for the digital jobs boom to have a noticeable impact on youth unemployment.


“The onus cannot be on the Government alone,” he said. “Businesses must proactively seek out opportunities to collaborate to maximise the digital growth opportunity and harness the potential of the next generation.

“As digital natives, young people possess valuable skills that will be the future fuel of our economy, but not enough is being done to harness them.”


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