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Does the recruitment company representing you really have a relationship with the client?

by kyna-admin on April 19th, 2012

With a client portfolio of enviable pedigree, it is no surprise that many other recruitment companies also vi for our clients business. One such method many of the more unscrupulous companies try to gain leverage is by ‘representing’ candidates to these clients when in fact they have no relationship with them. This clearly offers no benefit to you as a candidate, and quite often results in a negative outcome. You don’t pursue future opportunities with the client thinking the client has already received the CV when in fact it is sitting in a junk mail folder or has been sent to a completely irrelevant contact!

To mitigate against this risk we advise to ensure you have written confirmation from the recruitment company to state they are a supplier to the client as well as requesting the formal role profile. If there remains any uncertainty after this it is perfectly acceptable to ask the recruitment company for a copy of a written contact from the client to confirm they are a supplier, if this request is declined then clearly the the recruitment company has no relationship with the company and an alternative recruitment company should be pursued to represent you.

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