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Five Ways Recruiters Can Help Your Employer Brand

by kyna-admin on February 8th, 2013

We are passionate about representing our high profile client base in the highest possible regard to help drive their employer branding, and found this article from Jobsite particularly interesting ( )


Brand image is a powerful yet delicate commodity. And at each candidate touch point employer brand messages need to be consistent, colourful and succinct to attract quality talent. The right recruitment partner can, quite literally, make or break your branding message, depending on how well they understand and communicate it.

We asked David Johnston – Director of HR and Office Divisions at Handle Recruitment – for the top five ways that recruiters can help strengthen your employer brand…

First impressions count

A recruitment consultancy is often the first ‘direct’ conversation between an employer and its future talent and so your recruitment partners need to be chosen carefully – and briefed well enough so that they not only understand the value of a strong employer brand – but also the importance of how it is communicated.

Recruiters are brand ambassadors

Successful recruiter relationships are key to achieving superior employer branding. There needs to be a high level of trust and understanding between both parties to ensure an integrated message of brand values is delivered. The right recruiter will be able to accurately and innately gauge which talent will fit culturally with the brand, and only push forward those who possess the relevant qualities. The image they present to each potential candidate should be an extension of the standards the applicant will expect from the employer brand on every level.

Employer branding – part of a 360 degree approach

An employer brand should not exist in isolation but should engage with the consumer brand and its business objectives. The employer brand, which is built and maintained through the recruitment partner, needs to be reflective of the core values that the company stands for. Employer branding should be part of an integrated and holistic branding programme which runs throughout the organisation.

Value for money

By enlisting a suitable recruiter employers can enjoy better value for money by streamlining the hiring process. You are able to attract higher calibre staff for less salary if you are true to best practice Employer Value Proposition and an efficient recruiter should use their contacts and expertise to take a targeted approach to talent attraction which will cut costs further.

A great employer brand will help engage and retain your staff

An integrated branding message should continue beyond a successful placement. Candidates should land in the organisation they thought they were joining and the image that was offered throughout the hiring process should continue throughout their relationship with the company. An established employer brand will aid staff engagement and retention. Internal hiring procedures should complement the branding messages received through the recruitment partner and HR departments should promote the same ideals. Although not possible without investment, building a solid and reliable employer brand will pay dividends in the future.

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