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Guardian reports numbers of permanent jobs fall, but is this because of a lack of candidates rather than jobs?

by kyna-admin on August 14th, 2012

Last week the Guardian reported a drop in permanent employment and highlighted reductions in both permanent and short-term staff appointments during July.


Whilst its natural the for the British media to jump on these facts as more doom and gloom for the economy and employment market, we remain subjective about such statistics and the real meaning behind them.


We are finding the reason that many of the roles we recruit for are not being filled, is not due to a lack of vacancies, but a lack of candidates available with the required skills and experiences to match the positions.


Therefore these statistics could in fact be very positive for certain permanent sectors where the vacancy numbers remain high and the candidates being recruited being highly sought after.


We should also remember that these figures are for July when many candidates and hiring managers are on holiday and its normal for recruitment figures to slow.




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