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Linking the Exec with Tech

by kyna-admin on November 22nd, 2016

In years gone by, unless your business was selling technology, most executive boards would leave their tech knowledge to their IT Director, Operations Director or even their Finance Directors, as technology was viewed simply as a necessary operational tool and expenditure.


At the same time technology professionals would view their executive boards as out of reach, not understanding business decisions which they had little input in, yet safe in the knowledge they would always have more interesting projects or operational challenges and changes ahead of them.


However in the era where technology plays a key differentiator to business and our lives, execs and techs are taking a much greater interest in each other.


We have all witnessed the demise of long established leading companies that haven’t embraced and exploited advances in technology to know that Managing Directors and CEO’s need to know what challenges and opportunities are being created by new technology. One look at what happened with HMV and Woolworths confirms this.


Today, technology not only drives operational efficiencies but also provides a shop window to the world for any business, regardless of whether they operate in B2B or B2C sectors. With so much noise created by so much information and advertising on the web and with so much budget at stake, execs much be tech savvy to tell the difference between commercial benefits and red herrings.


How much money should the Marketing Director be spending on social advertising and Google analytics, is it delivering tangible results? Is the e-Commerce Director choosing the right platform for their external B2C offering and what are the long term implications? Why doesn’t the Sales Director utilise a great mobile enabled CRM to manage the sales team, process and pipeline? Why does the IT Director want to do everything in house when we can look at off the shelf packages or outsourcing? What actual benefit is the HR Director going to realise from having paid LinkedIn recruitment licenses?


An exec with knowledge of technology and even better one that takes time to speak to his tech team on the ground, is well placed to answer these questions and prepare for what’s around the corner.


With technology being a key differentiator in the modern business world, a whole new landscape of opportunity has also presented itself for today’s technology professional. Whether your skill set falls on the side of software, hardware, database or infrastructure, there is an opportunity to have your ideas heard by the most senior people and make a difference to the future of your employer.


Have you identified a new InfoSec tool that could be applied across the business to improve security? Is it better to go Cassandra or Mongo when considering No SQL? Should we be using Hunk or Splunk for Big Data? Should we move away from traditional C# or Java applications to the MEAN stack? If you used to think your exec board aren’t interested, think again as this insight could change the course of business. If they don’t know what these words means now, they will want to know when it impacts the bottom line.


As Kyna Associates recruits at Executive Board level and in Technology for clients such as, MasterCard, Travelex, National Accident Helpline, Towergate, The OU, Anglian Water and for tech houses whose clients include Google; we have a window into the UK exec and tech worlds.


We recruit and speak to Managing Directors, Marketing Directors, e-Commerce Directors, Operations Directors, C#, Java, PHP Software Developers, Mobile Developers, Big Data, NoSQL, Database professionals, InfoSec and Infrastructure professionals, SDET’s, Project and Programme Managers, Business Analysts and Architects regularly.


Please join our LinkedIn company group to engage in topics that affect our world.

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