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Start-up or established business, who offers the best opportunity?

by kyna-admin on August 3rd, 2011

Start-up or established business, who offers the best opportunity?

Whilst Kyna Associates works extensively with large established FS and technology organisations, we are also pleased to be working with smaller start-up businesses who also provide excellent career opportunities to candidates for slightly different reasons.

Whilst due to the very nature of a company being a start-up it won’t have a long track record of success, there is a common misconception that larger organisations provide any more career security, after all who expected Lehman’s to go bump over night!

Established businesses do generally offer market rate salaries, comprehensive benefits and bonus packages, and structured career progression in environments which are likely to have more mature processes and governance. Whilst most start-ups don’t generally offer much in the way of benefits, they do offer high salaries and the allure of stock options and the ‘blank canvass’ opportunity to grow your career in line with the businesses growth. More involvement in how the company is run and being instrumental in its success is also a big pulling factor, as is the jackpot at the end of the ride if the company does succeed and the share options pay big dividends.

Before opting to join either a start-up or established organisation Kyna Associates recommends the same sanity check and risk analysis should be done on the company’s product proposition to market and financial stability, especially in these uncertain times.

Does the company have large cash reserves or are they exposed to risk? Is the company VC funded and if so, who are the VCs? What are short and long term commercial risks to the company? What is their core product USP’s, their route to market and 3 year business plan? You may find a start-up has clarity and focus on where they want to be and how to get there, where as an established company may well be meandering in its maturity.

As there are pros and cons for joining either a start-up or an established business, both opportunities should certainly be considered with equal measure.

If you want to discuss your current opportunity in more detail, or If you are interested in discussing how your start-up or established business can realise it’s commercial objectives by recruiting the best in market, please call us today.

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