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Update those skills to remain in demand

by kyna-admin on May 4th, 2011

Kyna Associates recommends Legacy Developers cross train into newer technologies to keep their skill set in demand.

It may sound obvious to some, yet many IT professionals with a technological skill set which is no longer highly sought after are not making the investment to keep up with current and emerging technologies which are highly in demand, and are standing by as technology and new employment opportunities pass them by

This is particularly true of developers with older software language development experiences/skills such as Fortran, Pascal, Ingres and Mainframe (Cobol etc) and VB6. Whilst there are a number of companies out there who will require these skills on a contract basis to maintain legacy systems, the vast majority of companies have now moved or are moving the bulk of their software and systems development to the latest mainstream technologies utilising languages such as C# VB.Net or Java.

As good developers with these skills become increasingly are hard to find (especially on a permanent basis), potential employers are becoming more flexible and are willing to consider candidates with background in older technologies who have cross trained and made personal investment into their future. We recommend any software development professionals who haven’t made this investment already to do so now.

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