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With two thirds of technology firms to expand within six months what will the impact be on IT recruitment?

by kyna-admin on August 29th, 2012

The telegraph reported last week that two thirds of technology firms are due to expand within six months based on figures provided by Intellect, the trade association which represents technology firms such as Microsoft and Cisco.


This is great news for the technology sector which continues to grow in an otherwise sluggish economy and will undoubtedly have a positive impact for technology professionals. However, this will also provide challenges for companies recruiting for technology professionals on a permanent basis; such is the current demand for technology related skill sets in the UK.


Based on our experiences working with some of the country’s top employers, we can confirm that many companies have been experiencing challenges in recruiting the numbers of technology professionals they require to keep pace with their commercial success and growth plans for some time now.


The numbers of available candidates with specific skill sets is being far outweighed by the number of vacancies available to them and if the Guardians report is correct then this trend is set to continue.


Until we see a significant increase in the number of permanent technology professionals being ‘grown’ in the UK, clients will undoubtedly be ever reliant on contract/interim resources or skilled overseas candidates to meet their requirements.


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