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Social media for Executive Appointments, IT and Business Change recruitment?

by kyna-admin on February 28th, 2012

As social media continues to be a key driver in many companies business plans and a major factor in many companies recruitment strategies, we are still finding that most candidates in our sectors of Executive Appointments, IT and Business Change recruitment, continue to use traditional internet based advertising search methods in the search for new opportunities.

Whilst LinkedIn continues to be a an excellent recruitment market place with the majority of candidates we speak to now having a professional LinkedIn profile, our candidate feedback leaves us unconvinced that professionals are actively using other forms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook when looking for their next career move at this present time.

Whilst Facebook is looking to hit one billion members by the summer of this year it is undoubtedly a phenomenal marketplace for a huge range of services and products. However, it seems that professionals of a certain pedigree, skill set and seniority still prefer to keep their professional and personal life separate and are not necessarily comfortable with their colleagues or future employers having a public window into their private lives.

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